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Zaprendo is both an EdTech developer and a schools advisory. We work with governments, schools and entrepreneurs eager to tackle social issues through innovation in schooling and curriculum design. Our seminal 'Three Frame Day' curriculum is the cornerstone of innovative schools throughout the world, including Green School, Bali and Silkwood School in Australia.

Our three frames, which align with UNESCO's framework and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, educates the whole person, individualises academic learning and connects the working world of adults with school. Our vision is for a humane school model, relevant for the 21st Century and for each and every child.

With over 40 years in school transformation, we advise on whole school set up, in-school transformation, and curriculum design. Our 'School in a Box' learner-centric approach is underpinned by best practice contemporary research and is used in pre-schools, K12 schools and after school learning centres.

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Inés Noé, co-founder

Educator, former banker, lawyer and mother of three school aged children.

Alan Wagstaff, co-founder

Educationalist, curriculum writer, mentor and school consultant and developer.

‘Alan Wagstaff's Three Frame Day is a source of inspiration. It is impossible to overstate its impact on the lives of our students and teachers.’

Gregg G, Silkwood School, Australia

Our core values

At Zaprendo, we know that education is most effective when learners are engaged intellectually, emotionally, physically and intrapersonally. Our dedicated team builds learning experiences specifically designed to incorporate these four elements to create well-rounded learning.

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Intrapersonal
Emotional: connection, expression, creativity

Engaging a learner through enjoyable experiences that keep them motivated

Physical: health, fitness, resilience

Encouraging a learner to reinforce and re-energise their education through movement

Intellectual: clarity, understanding, critical thinking

Giving a learner the structure and pathway to build their knowledge

Intrapersonal: reflection, meditation, and stillness

Allowing a learner to reflect on each lesson and connect it to their lives

‘Alan's has been a guiding force at Green School, his Three Springs vision and Three Frame Day Curriculum inspired the founders to set up the school.’

Chris F. Director, Green School Bali

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