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Zaprendo is the new way to learn. Because people learn best when they are both engaged and empowered, Zaprendo combines the power of technology with innovative teaching strategies to create educational tools that spark the joy of learning for life.

With Zaprendo, learners chart a course for their own progress that builds confidence and inspires curiosity to keep them coming back for more. Supported by strong research and years of classroom application, our products use creativity, kindness and personalised teaching to motivate learners of all ages and abilities.

At Zaprendo, we know that the most rewarding educational experiences are the ones that engage learners intellectually, emotionally, physically and through individual reflection. Our dedicated team of educators and engineers build interactive experiences specifically designed to stimulate this kind of holistic learning

Starting with Sounds English Phonics, Zaprendo will introduce a comprehensive platform of beautifully crafted and highly innovative apps to enhance the numeracy and literacy skills of the world and engage a new generation of people to find the joy in learning for life.

Inés Noé, co-founder

Entrepreneur, banker, lawyer and mother of three school aged children.

Alan Wagstaff, co-founder

Educationalist, curriculum writer, mentor and school consultant and developer.

‘This is a comprehensive phonics app which has helped my daughter where all all other aids have failed.’

Mark F.

Our core values

At Zaprendo, we know that education is most effective when learners are engaged intellectually, emotionally, physically and intrapersonally. Our dedicated team builds interactive experiences specifically designed to incorporate these four elements to create well-rounded learning.

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Intrapersonal
Emotional: connection, expression, creativity

Engaging a learner through enjoyable experiences that keep them motivated

Physical: health, fitness, resilience

Encouraging a learner to reinforce and re-energise their education through movement

Intellectual: clarity, understanding, critical thinking

Giving a learner the structure and pathway to build their knowledge

Intrapersonal: reflection, meditation, and stillness

Allowing a learner to reflect on each lesson and connect it to their lives

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